What is Bioenergy?

  • Bio Energy is a life energy which flows naturally within our body resulting in good health but when the flow is disrupted we may feel discomfort or fall ill.
  • Bio Energy is a complementary, non-medical, non-invasive therapy and absolutely safe.
  • Bio Energy fully recharges immune system helping the body to heal itself on all levels.
  • Bio Energy raises your vibration, the higher your vibration, the healthier you feel, the happier you are and more positive your life will be.
What is Bio Energy Therapy?

Bio Energy Therapy is a simple treatment rooted in ancient East (according to some sources) which taps into body’s energy system. The body will begin the process of returning to full health provided the energy is balanced.

History of Bio Energy

10,000 years ago Bio Energy was being practiced high up in the mountains by the Peruvian people in Machu Picchu they called the electro-magnetic field “The luminous energy field”. About 5,000 years ago the Chinese medical men mapped the meridians and found and marked the points of energy and developed acupuncture.
Bio Energy travelled from east to west and eventually came in to Europe.
Bio Energy was brought into Ireland about 30 years ago.



What conditions can be treated?

Bio Energy can be used to successfully treat a wide range of ailments and conditions including:
• Asthma and other breathing problems
• Back, shoulder and neck pain
• Bowel problems
• Cancers
• Cardiac Problems
• Cold and flue
• Depression
• Digestive system problems
• Epilepsy
• Headaches, migraines
• Irritability in children
• Reflux
• Sciatica
• Speech difficulties
• Stress, tension, anxiety
• Vertigo
and many more.

What can client expect during treatment?

Some clients can experience tingling sensations, warmth, coolness, laughter or a pulling sensation, some may not fell anything on the first session. Treatment is very relaxing and comforting experience. Those who are more sensitive will feel energy flowing through their body and in the room. Some clients may even fall asleep. We are all unique, everybody has different conditions and blockages and will react individually.

What are the benefits of bio energy treatment?

Listed below are some of the benefits:
• Boosts the immune system
• Clears the mind and improves focus
• Eliminates negative emotions
• Eliminates pain
• Free from medication, non-invasive
• Helps to improve sleep
• Improve work of digestive system
• Promotes better health and wellbeing
• Releases stress
• Restore the body’s energy flow and many more.