Meridians are energy channels transporting life energy QI through the body. Twelve major meridians that run on each side of the body, one side mirroring the other and two single ones. Twelve paired meridians complement each other- one Yin with energy flowing up and the other Yang with energy flowing down.
Six Yang and six Yin:

• Stomach Meridian Yang – Spleen Meridian Yin
• Heart Meridian Yin – Small Intestine Meridian Yang
• Bladder Meridian Yang – Kidney Meridian Yin
• Circulation-Sex Yin – Triple-Warmer Meridian Yang
• Gallbladder Meridian Yang – Liver Meridian Yin
• Lung Meridian Yin – Large Intestine Meridian Yang.

Energy and blood flow continuously through the meridians, yet they also transmit information to and among your organs. Meridians are incredibly sensitive. They can carry the effects of stimulation in the form of healing energy throughout your entire being.

Each meridian is most active at certain times of day or night – The Meridian Clock.