Auric Fields

Auric Fields


Auric Fields are the body’s seven protective communicative energy fields that circulate around the body. The Auric Fields are the body’s protection mechanism and identify danger fields. They provide comfort to the subconscious and if any danger or anxiety appears it will be detected.

Auric Fields can be altered by shock, causing malfunction and creating extreme anxiety, major behavioural problems and affecting both Chakras and Meridians function and frequency.

They facilitate communication between people through the Meridians and are in fact our radio-radar system for the identification of danger to ourselves.

They form of the symmetry of the energy framework. Auric Fields have specific frequencies and operating distance from the body and come into existence at the breath except for the Kundalini.

  • First Auric Field – The Kundalini has direction from the Sacrum. It winds around the spine from the root chakra to the crown.
  • Second Auric Field – Skin and bone fascia. The correct position is top to bottom. May be reversed. Assists in control of fluid direction in body (reflux issues).
  • Third Auric Field – 12.8 cm from the body. Detects harmful substances.
  • Fourth Auric Field – 89.6 cm away from the body. Personal space.
  • Fifth Auric Field – 586m away from the body. Danger (eg. Enemies hiding behind a hill etc).
  • Sixth Auric Field – Earth
  • Seventh Auric Field – Universe. Infinity.